Venice for the Venetians

Protect the Lagoon

To save Venice, the lagoon must be protected. Flooding is not the main problem. Rising water levels are consuming the fabric of the city, day after day.

Reverse the population decline

More should be done to formulate a strategy for the future of Venice, considering its residents and those all over the world that love it.

Manage Tourism

Mass tourism and associated forces are suffocating Venice. Development of our long term vision is blocked by the short-sighted interests of the grab and run economy.

STOP large cruise ships

Gigantic cruise ships ploughing through the heart of Venice are emblematic of what is happening to the city.

*Photographs donated by Anna Zemella and Steven Varni

Venice – mirror on the world: a source of inspiration and a microcosm of many of the most important global challenges.

Jane Da Mosto, Osella D’Oro 2017