Please consider becoming a member of wahv.

Interest in what we do has grown enormously and comes from many different places and directions. An annual contribution of at least €20-30 will help with our general running costs and it will also enable the Association to better organise projects and manage a broader network of collaborators. 

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To become a member of wahv just follow these steps:

1. Print the 2017 Membership Form, fill it in, scan it or take a photo of it with your smartphone and send it to:;

2. Pay the membership fee (€20) using PayPal (or credit card via Paypal). With an extra donation of €10 you will get the new book about water levels, Acqua in Piazza.

Membership (€20)

Membership + Acqua in Piazza
(free delivery to Italy)


Membership + Acqua in Piazza
(delivery to Europe)


Membership + Acqua in Piazza
(delivery to Africa, Asia Americas)


Membership + Acqua in Piazza
(delivery to Australasia/Oceania)


For bulk orders and/or education institutions, please contact us.

You can also pay directly at our office, Cannaregio 6154, Venice (subject to prior apointment:;

Confirmation of your membership will be sent by post.

You can read the translation of the statutes, required for associations based in Italy, here.