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wahv is pleased to be supporting the campaign for clean air in the Mediterranean launched by Cittadini per l’Aria onlus. The Comitato No Navi/Ambiente Venezia alliance is also part of the project alongside Comitato di Cittadini Spezia Via Dal Carbone, Coordinamento Livorno Porto Pulito, Italia Nostra sezione di Ancona, Forum Ambientalista, Savona porto elettrico, Comitato Tutela Ambientale Genova Centro-Ovest, Peacelink telematica per la pace. Together we have launched a photo contest to show ships in the Mediterranean belching smoke – cruise ships, ferries and cargo ships. There is a celebrity jury composed of opinion leaders who share our goals to improve air quality and impose tougher restrictions on maritime traffic. The prizes for the best photographs are interesting too but if the campaign is successful there is a prize for everyone – better health. Deadline for entries is 30 September 2017. Further details here.

Phase one of the campaign was an international workshop in Rome on 28th March 2017, organised in partnership with NABU that concluded with the Rome Declaration. In September 2017 a workshop is planned in Venice to share knowledge and compare experiences in different port cities around Italy.