What Comes To Mind…when We Think About “understanding Risk”. Pablo Suarez Led An Interactive Session To Gather Insights About What “understanding Risk” Means To The Community.

World Bank Symposium: Understanding Risk 2016, Arsenale di Venezia

19 May 2016

5×15: 5 outstanding individuals have 15 minutes to tell stories about risk

Speech “Threats to Venice” by Jane da Mosto UR2016

satellite venice

Other speakers:

Marcus du Sautoy, Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University

Benedict Allen, Explorer, writer and film maker talks about his journeys in the Amazon basin and beyond

Francesco da Mosto, Architect, author and TV presenter speaking about risk management in the history of Venice

Misha Glenny, Journalist and foremost expert in organised crime and cyber crime

UR2016 photo_JdM

2016 Understanding Risk Forum Blogs

Featured image: What comes to mind…when we think about “understanding risk”. Pablo Suarez led an interactive session to gather insights about what “understanding risk” means to the community.