Venice Is A Real City

Venice is a real city

‘Venice is a real city’ is a campaign and research project that began in September 2017 to develop a clearer idea of what it is that makes Venice. A sociological study is underway exploring the existing characteristics that people are attached to, their memories, and future aspirations for…

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We Are Here Venice Becomes A Member Of ASviS

We are here Venice becomes a member of ASviS

The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development’s mission is to raise the awareness of the Italian society, economic stakeholders and institutions on the importance of the Global Agenda for sustainable development, bringing together actors who already deal with specific aspects related to the…

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Support For Craftmanship

Support for craftmanship

LAGUNA cushion Chiarastella Cattana has produced a special cushion dedicated to the Venice lagoon, as a "memento of the people, the rhythms of the seasons, traditional fishing that are part of a complex ecosystem that is now so vulnerable". 10%…

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International Symposia And Conferences

International symposia and conferences

Venice and the Rhino, Palazzo Contarini Polignac On 24th November 2018, Jane da Mosto took part in the symposium Beauty and the Beast: Venice and the Rhino at Palazzo Contarini Polignac with a talk titled Venice: A Fragile and Resilient City Venice is…

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Venezia 2100, Motherboard / Vice Video

Venezia 2100, Motherboard / Vice video

Motherboard have made a documentary called ‘Venezia 2100’ on the prospects of the historic city of Venice in the face of climate change. Talking to researchers, shopkeepers and Venetian citizens, it seeks to understand how Venice is preparing itself to confront…

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Biennale Related Work

Biennale related work

We are here Venice has been facilitating connections between curators, production teams and Venice as a real city. So far, we have been engaged by representative of a few different countries and institutions that will be exhibiting later this year.…

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