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Address to the 2020 UNESCO Delegation

Venice and its Lagoon was declared a World Heritage site in 1987. In 2014 the UNESCO World Heritage Committee expressed concern about the way various institutions are (mis)managing the site and since then a lot of effort has been invested…

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Venice is a real city

‘Venice is a real city’ is a campaign and research project that began in September 2017 to develop a clearer idea of what it is that makes Venice. A sociological study is underway exploring the existing characteristics that people are attached to, their memories, and future aspirations for…

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Preliminary survey: Refererendum for Venice

  WahV commissioned the Fondazione Ca’Foscari to carry out a professional survey among Venetian residents regarding a referendum to divide the Municipality between Mestre and Venice-islands and lagoon. [Historically, this is the way it was until the Mussolini era when…

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Expert Legal Advice

WahV purely with the aim to improve the quality of the current debate in Venice regarding the possibility of a Referendum to subdivide the local administration between Venice and the mainland, also commissioned an expert in Public and Institutional Law…

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