WahV And The Venice Fellows

WahV and the Venice Fellows

This is the second year that WahV has been asked by the British Council to provide orientation sessions to their Venice Fellows, as a Supporting Partner. The students and researchers come to work at the British Pavilion during the Biennale…

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Nitrogen Oxide Monitoring Pilot Study

Nitrogen oxide monitoring pilot study

Air quality in port cities is a major cause for concern, especially as more evidence emerges from epidemiological studies that show a direct correlation between illnesses associated with air pollution and proximity of homes to busy ports. In preparation for…

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Book Launch: Donne Come Noi

Book Launch: Donne come noi

WOMEN LIKE US: 100 STORIES OF ITALIANS WHO HAVE DONE SOMETHING EXCEPTIONAL Donna Moderna, one of Italy's most popular weekly magazines, are celebrating their 30th anniversary with a book collecting stories of 100 Italian women who, tenaciously, have done something…

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