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Sorry, we are closed: Empty Venice in the early days of the COVID-19/Coronavirus precautionary “lockdown”

These photographs by Eleonora Sovrani expose the eternal beauty of the city as well as the emptiness created by the absence of tourists but also by the remarkable reduction in residents in recent years. On the other hand some of…

WahV at the Cartagena Cruise Dialogue 2020

WahV was the only NGO to take part in the Cartagena Cruise Dialogue 2020, where we presented “The Venice Paradox” – our analysis of the negative impacts cruise tourism in Venice. The abstract underlines the importance of reformulating the issue…

La Nuova Venezia 14.1.20: “Smog in Venice: Something must be done to limit water traffic”

An article written by Jack Wright And Jane da Mosto has been published in local Venetian newspaper La Nuova Venezia. The piece underlines the link between local air pollution and global climate change, as well as signalling the irony of…

RAI 16.12.2019 High Tide – Report

Italian national broadcaster RAI has explored the causes and impact of high tides in Venice, featuring an interview with Jane da Mosto.   Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp

Polpo London: Christmas Campaign for Venice

The Polpo restaurants in London have chosen We are here Venice as the charity to benefit from their Christmas fundraising campaign and will be generously collecting money from their diners to support our work here in Venice throughout December. Please…

Pellestrina Appeal

We are here Venice is collaborating with Palazzo Polignac to raise funds for the community of Pellestrina. Palazzo Polignac, which hosts cultural and musical events, held a fundraising concert on the 8th of December. You can help the people of…

BBC World Service report 13.11.2019: Extreme Flooding in Venice

Interviewed on the BBC World Service on 13.11.2019 about the dramatic flooding of the city. Water levels reached 1.87cm, the highest level since the devastating flood of 1966. The above image shows how quickly water levels rose up and fell again, measured…

Ethics and Digitalisation Conference 28.10.2019

Jane da Mosto spoke at a conference on Ethics and Digitalisation, held on the island of San Servolo in Venice. Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp

Presentation of the book “SOS Laguna” by Luigi D’Alpaos at the Church of San Lorenzo

We are here Venice, in collaboration with Mare di Carta, organizes the presentation of the book SOS Laguna by Luigi D’Alpaos, Professor Emeritus of Hydraulics at the University of Padua, which will be held Monday, October 21 at 6pm at…

La Nuova Venezia 07.10.19 Tide Forecast and Warning Center of Venice adapts models and signs agreements with two bodies

The collaboration between WahV and the Tide Forecast and Warning Center has been made official. The aim of this cooperation is to facilitate the spread of the Center’s services and the communication of the inevitable uncertainty of forecasts, exacerbated by…

Why the future of Venice depends on the Referendum

On 18 September 2019 the High Court in Rome reversed the decision by the Veneto Region Administrative Tribunal (TAR) to allow the Mayor of Venice to block the Referendum on re-articulation of territorial administration for Venice and Mestre Marghera. WahV…

Clear communication around the cruise ships problem in Venice

WahV is satisfied with all the media contacts that have been coming through since the events of the Summer 2019, triggered by evident incapability of the authorities and governing bodies not just in Venice but nationally and globally, to reign…

The culture sector cannot ignore the underlying need for radical change

In the run-up to the 56th Venice Film Festival, the Director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera has joined the movement “Let the Mediterranean Breathe”, coordinated by Cittadini per l’aria ONLUS, to signal the urgency of effective policies to reduce the…

How was it for you? (2019)

La Biennale di Venezia is a global cultural event which draws the world’s gaze to Venice. How Was It For You? is an investigation into the ways in which the institution serves the interests of the city and its residents.…

Collettivo Barena Bianca

In 2018 WahV began a collaboration with the artist collective Barena Bianca, following their meeting during a workshop at IUAV Visual Arts dept. Barena Primavera-Estate Barena Primavera-Estate was a workshop produced by We are here Venice and curated by the…

Critical care: Architecture and urbanism for a broken planet (2019)

Critical Care. Architecture and urbanism for a broken planet” is a book published by MIT Press and was an exhibition at  Architekturzentrum Wien edited and  curated by Elke Krasny and  Angelika Fitz. The book was reviewed in Architectural Digest. The book contains 21 case studies as well…

Do we know where Venice is going? a conference organized by Confartigianato, Ateneo Veneto, 15.02.2019

At a conference in February 2019 organised by Confartigianato Venezia on the future for artisan activities, the talented oar maker Saverio Pastor (president of the El Felze association) presented a particularly eloquent paper framing the identity and vocation of Venice as a…

Anchoring the debate about cruise ships

Actions are needed now Coincidentally preceding the crash of the large cruise ship MSC Opera against the dock at San Basilio on June 2, 2019 and the relative worldwide attention to the excesses of tourism, exemplified by the large ships…

The first Artist Residency at the Accademia Galleries, Venice

As conclusion of the artist’s residency, the presentation of Aurale, Brusii per audioguide After three months of his artist residency, Claudio Beorchia presented his works at the Gallerie dell’Accademia on Friday, April 12, and they will be available to the…

Why Venice?

6th December 2018, WahV speaks out regarding the OECD Conference in Venice and appeals to participating institutions to help Venice get a voice as a community. The great and the good have come together today under the auspices of the…

Venezia H20: WahV’s exciting new collaboration with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

WahV is especially delighted to be collaborating with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection under the umbrella of the Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile. We have devised a set of six family workshops with the Guggenheim’s team of educators on the theme…

London restaurant POLPO support We are here Venice

Polpo, the popular London restaurants inspired by Venetian bacari, are hosting an evening of cocktails and cicchetti at their Notting Hill restaurant on 3rd October, with all proceeds from the event going to We are here Venice. London-based supporters can…

Implications and information gaps of the One Belt One Road project

A telephone interview for the Dutch news-site De Correspondent about the giant Chinese infrastructural project One Belt One Road and the implications for Europe brought to mind the work of Saskia Sassen on the concept of The Global City: Introducing…

Video showing the water displacement from a cruise ship prompts widespread reaction

This video, taken in the small harbour behind the Island of San Giorgio, shows the wide-reaching water displacement of a cruise ship leaving Venice as it passes Sant’Elena:   The video was immediately shared over 180 times on Facebook, provoking widespread…

NBC Today filming at the Arsenale

This morning started with NBC Today in the Galleazze Ovest of the Arsenale. An opportunity to show how Venice’s glorious past can mark the way for the future IF the city authorities open the huge redundant spaces for new productive…

Laguna Viva at the V-A-C Foundation

Laguna Viva opens at the V-A-C Foundation’s Palazzo delle Zattere Laguna Viva is integral to the long-term strategy whereby Palazzo delle Zattere engage with the complexities of everyday life in Venice. V-A-C Foundation commissioned London based collective Assemble, who work across the…

Opening of Antigua & Barbuda’s National Pavilion

Students officially thanked by the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda’s inaugural National Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale explores environmental justice as a civil right through an investigation into the acute crisis of climate change.…

Connected – A documentary project on sea level rise

The trailer for Connected, a documentary project on sea level rise, has been released featuring substantial interview material from We are here Venice’s co-founder and Executive Director, Jane da Mosto. Watch the full trailer below: Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp

Sticker Campaign

Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp

Explore our Venice Resource on the Royal Geographical Society Website

The Royal Geographical Society partnered with We are here Venice to produce a Venice module which has now been launched on the Royal Geographical Society’s new website. The resource features videos, fact sheets, podcasts, interviews, activities and lesson plans and…

Beyond artistic display: Art and Law in practice

Moving beyond the sphere of artistic display and exhibition, Venice returns to the forefront of professional development, as illustrated by the series of meetings, ART AND LAW, organised by the Venice Arbitration Chamber. With talks from collectors, museum directors, lawyers and…

Book Launch: Donne come noi

WOMEN LIKE US: 100 STORIES OF ITALIANS WHO HAVE DONE SOMETHING EXCEPTIONAL Donna Moderna, one of Italy’s most popular weekly magazines, are celebrating their 30th anniversary with a book collecting stories of 100 Italian women who, tenaciously, have done something…

Critical research on changes in lagoon circulation

In 2017 a new volume, edited by Luigi D’Alpaos, was released by the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti containing an important study produced with support from WahV. Analysis of historic tide gauge data from the lagoon-wide network of monitoring stations has…

Let the Mediterranean Breathe

Nitrogen oxide monitoring pilot study Air quality in port cities is a major cause for concern, especially as more evidence emerges from epidemiological studies that show a direct correlation between illnesses associated with air pollution and proximity of homes to…

Outcome of the long-awaited Government decision on the future for cruiseships (Comitatone 7.11.2017)

It has been a long wait since the last Comitatone (the inter-ministerial committee for planning, coordinating and monitoring Safeguarding of the Venice Lagoon) in August 2014, and yet a definite solution is as elusive as ever, even though the Minister…

European meeting of the movements for the defense of territories, environmental justice and democracy

We are here Venice, together with the author Amitav Ghosh quoted here, endorses this call by the Comitato No Grandi Navi – Laguna Bene Comune, for the meeting of 23rd September at the Magazzini del Sale, Venice: Here in Venice,…

The mayor of Civitavecchia invites the Government and the mayors of other port cities to intervene for limiting atmospheric emissions

We are here Venice fully shares the following request expressed by Cittadini per l’aria and asks to the local institutions in Venice, like the Port Authority, the Venice Passengers Terminal, the mayor, how they intend to proceed. In this case…

Exploring Venice with Architecture masters students TU Delft

On Monday 23rd October 2017, wahv met with a group of architecture masters students from TU Delft led by Sereh Mandias and Sam De Vocht. We took them on a walk around Venice to talk about the city's social and environmental context, in…

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VICE/Motherboard, 20.10.2017: Venice in 2100 could be submerged due to climate change

VICE / Motherboard have made a documentary called 'Venezia 2100' on the prospects of the historic city of Venice in the face of climate change. Read the article and watch the video here

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The Sydney Morning Herald, 27.10.2017: Keeping the ‘nice’ in Venice; The Melbourne Age Traveller: Saving Venice from giant cruise ships: Loved to death?

An article by Alison Stewart, published in both the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age Traveller on 27th October 2017, covers 'the defenders of La Serenissima' in the face of Venice's many challenges. Mentioning We are here Venice and…

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ArchDaily, 03.01.2017: Venice Isn’t Sinking, It’s Flooding – And It Needs to Learn How to Swim

Article by James Taylor-Foster, covering acqua alta and highlighting that Venice is flooding, as it always has done, as opposed to 'sinking' as per popular perception. Acqua alta is a phenomenon viewed by tourists with excitement but something residents have dealt with…

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WahV and Venice Climate Lab

Climate Days (28-30th September 2017) We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Venice Climate Lab, a dynamic group of Venice-based researchers, dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and sustainability through the organisation and promotion of events at the intersection…

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European meeting of the movements for the defense of territories, environmental justice and democracy

We are here Venice, together with the author Amitav Ghosh quoted here, endorses this call by the Comitato No Grandi Navi - Laguna Bene Comune, for the meeting of 23rd September at the Magazzini del Sale, Venice: Here in Venice,…

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The mayor of Civitavecchia invites the Government and the mayors of other port cities to intervene for limiting atmospheric emissions

We are here Venice fully shares the following request expressed by Cittadini per l'aria and asks to the local institutions in Venice, like the Port Authority, the Venice Passengers Terminal, the mayor, how they intend to proceed. In this case…

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Council Member Giorgio D’Este thanks the Korean Arts Council and We are here Venice for their support of the Tide Centre

Read the article on the website here or the text as below: Si è conclusa questa mattina la raccolta fondi promossa dall'Arts Council Korea 2017 Venice Biennale Korean Pavilion Exhibition Team e We are here Venice a favore del Centro Maree.…

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Corriere, 20.08.2017, letter by Fabio Moretti

Dear sir August is normally a time for those long-awaited holidays when one enjoys time to think, to rest, as well as to dream. I would therefore like to share my dream about the city I’ve been living for many…

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WeMedia01, 20.08.2017: What’s Venice, Italy? / Venezia Autentica

Article by Fiona Ko who covers world news for Hong Kong’s WeMedia01. Again it delves into the problem of mass tourism that Venice is facing, concern for impacts from cruise ships and how tourists prefer souvenirs of mass production which…

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The National, UAE, 16.08.2017: Europeans angry at having to share their cities with millions of tourists

More of the same. How tourism is becoming less considerate of - and interested - in the target places and endorsement of the need for tougher administrative controls. There is a possible solution to all these problems and along with…

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BBC, World Update, 27.07.2017: Interview with Jane Da Mosto on Venice threatened by mass tourism

Interview on BBC World Service - World Update. A chance to mention the crystal clear outcome of the June 18 popular "Referendum" organised by the #ComitatoNOGRANDINAVI. Cruise ships must not cross the Venice Lagoon. The other guest was Galliano Di…

read more, 12.08.2017: Venice approves a code of conduct and will fine the tourists, who won’t respect it

Read the article here.

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The Economist, 1843, 02.08.2017: Not drowning but suffocating

Wahv contributed during the research phase of this feature by The Economist's Edward Lucas. Read here the article.

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Reporting about the continuing cruise ships problem and pressures from too much tourism in Spanish

Attention from Spanish titles is extensive; plus an interview with the Spanish News Agency ESE was picked up by Spanish, Nicaraguan, Honduran and Mexican media: > La Tribuna > Voz Populi > El Nuevo Diario > Revistaq

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Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Donations from the Korean Pavilion are supporting the Venice Municipality Tide Forecasting department in their work to monitor water levels and manage essential services. The Arts Council Korea is pioneering a new form of engagement with the host city of…

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Femminist Futures of Spatial Practice: materialisms, activisms, dialogues, pedagogies, projections

Femminist Futures of Spatial Practice: materialisms, activisms, dialogues, pedagogies, projections. Edited by Meike Schaller, Therese Kristansson & Ramia Mazé with a chapter by Liza Fior, Elke Krasny and Jane Da Mosto. Loosely based on the proceedings of a workshop at…

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Venezia blog, 12.06.2017: Local Heroes and the Question of Local Autonomy

"...In a city whose resident culture is literally fighting for its life in the face of mass tourism, irresponsible "development", and the ongoing, life-sucking 6 billion euro swindle that are the forever inoperable MOSE water gates, such residents and their…

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Settemari Association, 29.05.2017: Osella d’oro 2017 to our member Jane Da Mosto

"... Si è svolta sabato 27 maggio nel pomeriggio nella Sala dello Scrutinio di Palazzo Ducale la Cerimonia del Gemellaggio Adriatico con l’Unione Montana Agordina e la consegna dell’Osella d’oro della Sensa 2017. Il “Premio Osella d’Oro della Sensa”, promosso dal Comitato…

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Festa della Sensa and Osella D’Oro 2017

The Osella d’Oro is one of Venice’s most traditional events, dating back to about the year 1000 when the Doge cast a ring into the water to celebrate the Marriage of the Sea, symbolising the intimate relationship between the city…

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UK at the Venice Biennale: The Fellows explore the ‘living city’ of Venice

We are here Venice provides mentorship as part of the British Council Venice Fellows programme for students at participating British institutions to give them an opportunity to conduct research while also working at the British Pavilion during the Architecture and Art Biennales. During the…

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WahV supports the Popular Referendum “Large cruise ships must be kept out of the Venice Lagoon”

The Referendum on 18 June aims at finally putting an end to the devastating presence of large cruise ships in the Venice Lagoon and at triggering a change in national government policy, in favour of protecting all Italian city-ports threatened…

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Information // Communication

The fire in the VERITAS waste depot for old furniture and large objects in Fusina a few days ago caused some debate not just about the management of the facility but involving the field of communications in general, and the…

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Conversation with Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns Movement

Together with Michele Savorgnano of FUD we have begun a discussion with Rob Hopkins in Totnes (UK) about how to transfer their extensive experience of grassroots engagement and positive change to the Venice community. Here Rob gives us his viewpoint…

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Venice’s visual database – Ongoing collection of signs of resistance against big cruise ships

WahV constantly maps widespread opposition to large cruiseships in Venice. There are many types of signal throughout the city in a wide variety of locations from anonymous lampposts and steps on bridges to people’s homes, there are subtle reminders as…

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Jane Da Mosto

The Art Newspaper 25.5.2017 “At last: the mayor of Venice recognises the role of the private citizen…” Anna Somers Cocks

Jane da Mosto, a leader of the activist generation of Venetians who have refused to stand by and let their city die, has received official recognition from representatives of the city she lives in and loves. She has been awarded the…

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Cruise Ship In Venice - From The Guardian

The Guardian 26.5.2017 “Venice world heritage status under threat” Lisa Gerard Sharp

While the local population dwindles, passengers from giant cruise ships continue to flood into La Serenissima. So how are locals trying to save the city? A monster cruise ship meets a giant octopus and crashes into the Rialto bridge, provoking…

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La Nuova Venezia 17.5.2017 “Big ships like monsters” Enrico Tantucci

To coincide with the Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini’s visit to Venice for the 57th Biennale, all the main environmental associations and community groups have come together to express their shared and deep concern for yet another preposterous proposal for…

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GQ 15.05.2017 “Stop the Venice Cruise Ship Madness” Philip Colbert

In the week of the Venice Biennale 2017, artist Philip Colbert created a painting of a cruise ship barrelling through the Grand Canal in Venice to highlight the damage that tourist cruise ships are causing to the city. As an…

read more 11.5.2017 “Venice, an Endangered Species?” Katharina Allès Trauttmansdorff

An interview with Jane Da Mosto for the Katharina's Italy - founder of trust & travel - blog.

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Acqua in Piazza – Waterline

Scroll across the multi-site exhibition that was held in and around St Mark’s Square from November 2016 to January 2017 to commemorate Aqua Granda 1966/2016. Venues for the installations are shown in order of height relative to water level (explained…

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Summit on Climate Change VENICE, MARCH 6, 2017 h. 10.00 am / Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The program includes a talk by Jane Da Mosto about Water levels in Venice, trends and adaptations.    

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+143 Ravagnan

09 11 2016   < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+141 Vesco

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+138 Nardi

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+138 Fabris

22 11 2016   < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+138 Cenedese

02 11 2016   09 11 2016 14 11 2016   < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+130 San Barnaba

04 11 2016   < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+125 Todaro

02 11 2016   < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+121 Rugarialto

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+120 Bar Saturnia

17 11 2016 < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+113 Hotel Lisbona

22 11 2016 < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+105 Bistrot

09 11 2016   < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+104 Toletta

04 11 2016 < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+101 Gritti

03 11 2016   < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+98 Fratelli Rossetti

09 01 2017     < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+92 Markus

11 11 2016 14 11 2016     < back to Acqua in Piazza Waterline

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+91 Palesa

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